Инструкция toshiba e-studio 18

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Software License Agreement… Page 8: Notice To Users Notice to Users After a suitable place has been selected for the installation of the e-STUDIO18, please do not change it. You are finished with the operation at this step. If you press the [SETTING/OK] button, you return to the “MENU” layer. Go to the next step. Sorting pages to print You can set the “Copy Handling” option to print more than one copy of documents by sorting pages for each copy, grouping the same pages of the document, or rotating each of the sorted copies crisscross. Add/Edit watermark When you click [Add] or [Edit] on the Effect tab, the Watermark dialog box appears so that you can create new watermarks or edit the selected ones. All copies of the first page are ejected first and then all copies of subsequent pages are ejected in sequence. Make sure that the first “ADVANCED FUNCTION” is selected.