Инструкция вош wff 1200

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Page 32: Troubleshooting Minor Faults Troubleshooting Minor Faults d Risk of electric shock! Don’t spend your time looking for washing machines for sale when yours develops a fault. Drainage into a siphon: 1. Secure the connection point with a hose band clip of 24-40 mm diameter (from specialist stores). Caution Drainage into a wash basin The plug must not block the drain of the wash basin. Repairs must only be carried out by our Customer Service or an authorized technician. If repairs are needed, and assuming that you cannot eliminate the fault yourself with the aid the following table: Turn the programme selector to Off. Page 30: Cleaning Water Inlet Strainers To avoid unused detergent from flowing into the drain during the next wash cycle: 9. Pour approx.1 litre / 1 ¾ pt of water into chamber II. 10.Select the Drain programme. After the spin cycle the washing is arranged loosely in the drum — creasing is reduced.

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