Siemens openstage 20 инструкция

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For fur- ther information, please refer to the documentation of the «top» command for Unix/Linux sys- tems. Page 102: Date And Time, Setting The Time, Setting The Date Individual phone configuration Step by step User if nec. Accept call Prerequisite: You know the coworker’s internal phone number and the function is configured for you in… Page 25: Picking Up The Held Call Step by step Directed pickup? For different scenarios, cross-references to the corresponding section of the administration chapter are given. The default admin password is «123456». It is highly recommended to change the password (see Section 3.8, «Password») after your first login. Page 154: Setting Daylight Saving Time Individual phone configuration Step by step Setting daylight saving time Prerequisite: Auto DST is deactivated page 155. z You can also configure this setting via the Web interface page 184. Press the key shown.

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