Lenovo ideapad a3300 (a7-30) инструкция

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Page 15 Safety information Safety notice 5 If the LCD breaks and the fluid from inside the LCD gets into your eyes or on your hands, immediately wash the affected areas with water at least for 15 minutes. Page 21: Important Notice For Replacing A System Board Important service information Important notice for replacing a system board Some components mounted on a system board are very sensitive. Sold by D DAILY NEED FBA SLP (3.8 out of 5 | 546 ratings) and Fulfilled by Amazon. Figure 7-3. The speaker wires 4. Detach the speaker and its wires from the front module of the tablet. The A7-30’s dual stereo speakers are spaced apart for better stereo effects and oriented toward the front of the tablet for a richer user experience. Компьютеры, ноутбуки и планшеты / Планшеты / Планшеты LENOVO Наши предложения Хиты продаж (0) Доступные в рассрочку Производители.

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