Фотоаппарат canon u600 инструкция

Playback Mode: The Playback button switches to Playback mode from Shooting mode. Она имеет целый ряд прекрасных функциональных возможностей: матрица формата APS-C CMOS и 18 мегапиксельного разрешения, 9-ти точечная автофокусировка и мощный процессор поколения DIGIC IV. Такой сильный тандем помогает получать качественные фотографии даже новичкам. Shutter Button: To the right of the Power button, this long elliptical button sets the Olympus Stylus 600’s exposure when halfway depressed. Most of the preset modes are fairly self-explanatory, as they handle very distinct situations.

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When activated, instant image review briefly displays the most just-captured image after you trip the shutter.File Name: Allows user to reset the file name counter. One of the most exciting design features on the Stylus 600 Digital is its all-weather body, complete with a double chassis (plastic underneath the metal body panels) and rubberized seals around the camera’s openings.

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Features specific to your model are outlined in your instruction booklet. Обратим внимание на верхнюю грань, точнее, на ее правую половину. Record Menu:The following menu options are accessible by pressing the OK/Menu button in Shooting mode. ISO: Sets the camera’s sensitivity to Auto or to 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, or 1600 ISO equivalents.

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Water is anathema to most digital cameras, leaving me worried whenever I’m out shooting in even a slight drizzle. Our test lighting for this shot is a mixture of 60 and 100 watt household incandescent bulb, a pretty yellow light source, but a very common one in typical home settings here in the US. Outdoors, daylightGood color balance, very bright colors. Because the camera is so tightly sealed, Olympus designed an airflow control system to prevent the camera from overheating or building up air pressure from the zooming lens. The included wrist strap is handy when shooting over a boat rail or while riding on a ski lift, but I’d recommend picking up a soft case to protect the Stylus 600’s attractive body panels from scratches.

Charge rates and run times vary by model. Visit our Comparometer(tm) to compare images from the Stylus 600 with those from other cameras you may be considering. Keep in mind though, that digital zoom simply enlarges the center pixels of the CCD and thus results in lower image quality. External Controls Power Button: Tiny and recessed into the Olympus Stylus 600’s top panel, this button turns the Olympus Stylus 600 on and off.

Также посмотрим, как долго камера может работать от одной зарядки стандартного аккумулятора, а еще опишем другие ее особенности. Dual Time Setup: Useful for setting and keeping time in different time zones. Date/Time: Sets the camera’s internal clock and calendar. Пройти опрос Нет, спасибо Canon Поддержка камер PowerShot — Загрузите драйверы, программное обеспечение, руководства или.

This occurs when the device uses codes not provided for this remote. In this case, please use the device’s original remote control or purchase a universal remote control that has a learning function. The Olympus Stylus 600’s built-in flash operates in Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Fill, and Off modes. Предусмотрен перенос этих файлов в Adobe Photoshop (он не открывает файлы в формате CR2) посредством конвертирования в TIFF. Программа EOS Utility дает доступ к важной функции – съемке через компьютер. Movie mode options are 640 x 480; 320 x 240; or 160 x 120 pixels and 15 frames per second.

The optional AC adapter is recommended for time-consuming tasks such as transferring images to a computer. Как известно, количество шума на фотографиях зависит от многих факторов, главными из которых, кроме шумовых показателей самой матрицы, являются выдержка, при которой идет съемка, и снимаемый объект… Выдержку увеличим до 10 с и посмотрим, каковы будут шумы в этих условиях.

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