Инструкция использования mpg-boost

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According to , replacing a few worn parts in your car may increase your fuel efficiency, saving you lots of money in the long run. For 50 years, Robert Gerdes has been writing down the mileage he gets from each tank of gas. Bassage described the event this way: «We’re coming from all points of the compass to have fun going nowhere for a whole weekend in Pittsburgh.» The hypermilers cracked 100 mpg in their first four four-hour shifts. All changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted in revised terms and conditions on the website. We accept no responsibility for lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, misaddressed, undelivered, postage due or misdirected entries. Grill shutters that close to shunt air around the car when the engine doesn’t need extra cooling. Twenty-six of these batteries are located under the hood, the rest are under the bed.

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