Flir b660 инструкция

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Flexible interfaces Easy access to composite video connection, USB, FireWire, and a direct connection to charge the battery inside the camera. MPEG-4 video Create visual and infrared non radiometric MPEG-4 video files. FLIR Thermal Fusion Merges visual and infrared images to offer better analysis. The buttons and joystick to control the camera are integrated in this handle and always stay right underneath your fingertips. The PT-602CZ is ONVIF Profile S compatible for easy integration into most third-party systems, and is more compact than previous models, making it a flexible for even the most demanding applications. Now offering a two-year warranty, including camera replacement, and a 48-hour turnaround time for repaired systems out of warranty, FLIR makes maintenance and service on cooled cameras easier than it has ever been. This saves time and eliminates the risk of erroneous records or notes. “Before we could connect the FLIR T335 thermal imaging camera with the clamp meter via MeterLink we had to manually write down the measurement values of the clamp meter in our notebook. Большой ЖК-экранСкладной высококачественный большой ЖК-монитор 5,6″ позволяет разглядеть мельчайшие подробности и малейшие изменения температуры.

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