Isis draw подробная инструкция

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There are no relevant news for the time being. Nun wählt man den Menüpunkt «File, New Form» (oder Ctrl-N). In der linken Menüleiste klickt man das Quadrat an und zieht dann mit gedrückt gehaltener linker Maustaste ein Rechteck auf, das ein wenig kleiner ist als die Zeichenfläche. Because of its role as a database query preparation program, ISIS/Draw supported a variety of special atom and bond types used for substructure searching, such as wildcard atoms, aromatic bonds, and ring bonds, as well as atom mapping, required for reaction searches. Installation The automatic installers of the programs support customised setup. As most of the programs comprise several optional modules, it is advisable to choose the custom setup mode and to select only the modules really necessary. Not surprisingly, some of his critics and political opponents have taken issue with this and often insist on labeling the members of ISIS as Islamic extremists or Islamic terrorists. For the time being, mentioned must be made on the following backward-compatibility issues: DrawIt does not support the older CW2 format of its predecessor ChemWindow – not a serious drawback as this format has slowly died out.

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