Nikon coolpix s6400 ремонт инструкция

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Auto WB:Noticeable red cast Incandescent WB:Too warm Manual WB:Best overall Incandescent: Manual white balance handled our incandescent lighting best overall, with the most natural color and the most accurate white readings. Far better than an SLR, the Coolpix A is silent from more than a foot away. Please note that the manual and the contact information therein are subject to change without notice. Otherwise the Wi-Fi option is disabled, because it can drain battery life.To connect the Nikon S6500 to a phone or tablet, you must first download Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility application to your smart device from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Weight 10.525 oz. (298.3 g.), actual measured with battery and SD card. Concert and on-set photographers, this may be your camera.