Мелуна инструкция

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The MeLuna Classic is also right in the middle of the pack when it comes to firmness. The same year 1956, for example, is introduced a speaking techniques course for instructors. This is an argument for not letting the cup get too full, because you’re going to have to squeeze it a bit to get it out. We do not recommend just pulling on the stem, whatever design, to get the cup out. Pulling the cup that way requires using a lot more force to get the cup out, and you’re holding the cup only at the very end with two fingers, which means that when it does come out it’s hard to control what happens. Through Decree No. 49-970 of 7 June 1948 laying down the rules of French public Administration, a complete overhaul of the staff regulations of civil aviation official is organized, especially the technical staff.

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