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Shadin’s other AIS data converters includes the AIS-100 Memory, AIS-360 Digital, AIS-370 Ethernet, AIS-380 Analog, AIS-450 Synchro, AIS-460 Military 1553, AIS-800 Engine and the iPad electronic flight bag (EFB). Assure that accurate fuel data is in your system at all times for reporting and decision making. Automatic Imports The automated fuel import is a method to assure that clients have up-to-date fuel information in their software at all times. Predictive businesses build models that include transactional moments for real-time accuracy and the power to anticipate and exceed customer expectations. The RemoteFlo gives pilots real-time information, displayed on the GPS or flight management system (FMS). The information includes specific range, fuel to destination, fuel reserve, endurance, fuel flow, fuel used and fuel remaining. Photo courtesy of Shadin Avionics Shadin Avionics has received supplemental type certificates (STC) for the installation of a RemoteFlo fuel flow system on the Robinson Helicopter Co. R66 and Rolls-Royce RR300, Shadin said.

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