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This is especially important when you are driving a new car, or a car you are not used to driving. Sometimes a particular book can cause the indexer to crash. Если вы ищете приложение, которое позволило бы удобно работать с файлами без необходимости каждый раз подключать смартфон к компьютеру и синхронизировать с iTunes, обратите внимание на Phone Drive. The National Safety Council disputes these findings, and says that at least 28 percent of vehicle crashes are caused by texting and cell phone use alone—never mind other distractions. The following programs have been reported to cause crashes in calibre: If you are running any of these, close them before starting calibre, or uninstall them: RoboForm, Logitech SetPoint Settings, Constant Guard Protection by Xfinity, Spybot, Killer Network Manager, Nahimic UI Interface.

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