Тестер dt 83a инструкция

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Single cells will have a higher voltage (3-3.5 V) than the corresponding alkaline ones, but multi-cell batteries normally have the same voltages. Every household should have one.Before using the meter it must be fitted with a small 9V battery. It is best to use an alkaline one as they have a longer life and are less likely to corrode. Цифровой мультиметр с функциями измерения частоты, проверки биполярных транзисторов, измерения температуры и автоматическим выбором предела измерений. The common replaceable batteries for domestic battery-powered devices will be alkaline and the package should say «alkaline» somewhere on the package or the battery. Multi-cell alkaline batteries may have nominal voltages of 4.5 V, 6 V, 9 V, 12 V or even more.

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