Сплит система аляска alg 09 h фото и инструкция

When errors occur, they are logged to a file in user’s temporary directory called MapSource.log. Changes made from version 6.12.4 to 6.13.1: Improved the View in Google Earth feature. Added user preference settings for the new finder capabilities to a Find tab in the preferences dialog. The explanation is relatively straightforward. NCDCassumes that the current set of instruments recording temperature isaccurate, so any time of observation changes or PHA-adjustments are donerelative to current temperatures.

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And with a built-in HDD music library, DVD playback on the large 7-inch display, the Z3 ensures that you’ll be entertained every minute along the way. Fixed route issues for routes containing a waypoint more than once. Added artificial reef and oil rig map symbols.

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Modified the Select Waypoints dialog so that when a user types a letter, it selects the next waypoint in the list whose name starts with that letter. In previous versions, it selected the next waypoint in the list whose symbol type started with that letter. Added button in track properties dialog to display the vertical profile of the track. Fish Bull Seattle 108: 251-267. 48. Walker DI (1989) Seagrass in Shark Bay — the foundations of an ecosystem. In: AWD LarkumAJ McCombSA Shepherd.

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Put in improved error reporting to assist the user when problems are encountered trying to transfer a map set to a Garmin iQue device. Fixed a problem that caused crashes on some machines when dialogs were displayed that contained a control to choose a serial port. Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices. Similarly, optical HR sensors on your wrist can struggle the same first few minutes in cold weather until you warm up.

Meanwhile, Fitbit did announce at CES that Strava support is on the way – so that would in theory mean you’ll get at least GPS, and hopefully HR data as well there. The Fitbit Surge has actually grown on me more than I expected. We had a bit of a rocky start to things, mostly because my first few runs were in more challenging conditions with it – so it suffered a bit. This is a bit under the norm for activity trackers, but only slightly less than the Basis activity trackers with optical HR as well. In general though, it feels like I’m almost always charging it.

Added support for editing waypoint address and phone number information. But with that in mind, sometimes you’ll get steps while taking a shower…or while washing the dishes or perhaps even on a bumpy car ride.

Take for example a run in Newfoundland Canada in the woods. Why not just use raw temperatures, they ask, since those are pure and unadulterated?

Fixed a problem where trailing spaces in the find dialog caused things not to be found. When you look at the available modes as of this writing, only running and hiking actually allow you to enable the GPS. The others just track HR. So given that running didn’t seem to be a perfect fit, I went with hiking. These proportions did not differ significantly among the three altitudes (χ2 test statistic of ≈ 0; p-value = 0.5). Therefore, dugongs could be identified with the same degree of certainty in images captured at survey altitudes of 500, 750 and 1000 ft.

And, one last one for completeness below, here’s a quick interval run I did. In this I had stopped to walk for about 90 seconds between each interval set. Fixed an issue with searching for marinas in NT map products. Changes made from version 6.13.6 to 6.13.7: Fixed an issue sending maps to units on Asian language computers. Fixed issue where scrollbar was not being displayed on the GPS tab at 640 X 480 resolution.

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