Petzl myo rxp инструкция

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OptioBattery Life Max Claimed:Water Resistance: IPX4. Hard rain.Excellent for: Running, walking, camping, reading books, caving, skiing, biking. Battery Box and Power Cable The pliable rubber battery box cover peels away from the base for access; there are no screws or latches and no tools are required. It can be opened while wearing thin-to-medium gloves or mittens, but I needed bare hands to change batteries. This is based partly on the desire for 100% reliability in my wilderness equipment, partly on economics. What’s Unique Extraordinarily bright technical light also becomes a very friendly campsite light by using the diffuser lens (no auxiliary LEDs). Boost mode untangles the trickiest of nighttime mysteries. Photo: Paul Kirtley.Myo MyopiaThe Petzl Tikka headlamps had been bright enough for general use and certainly illuminated the immediate area. But we don’t think you’ll notice or care (if you do, we have a pick with a better beam below). In our tests, we had no problem using the Spot while hiking in a whiteout blizzard, rummaging around a dark shed, and peering down some long, clogged gutter downspouts.

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