Sony hxr-nx5e инструкция по русски

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Yes No Voted Undo Score 4 1. Throw the camera on a carpeted floor. 2. Blow on the lens. 3. Switch on the camera. Computer playback — any media and target format that is supported by a particular computer hardware and software can be watched on a computer monitor or TV set. Material recorded for interlaced presentation may exhibit combing or ghosting when it is rescaled, filmed out or watched on a computer or another progressive-scan device without proper deinterlacing. The 1080-line 50p/60p AVCHD Progressive recording mode employed in some camcorders, is not compliant with the current Blu-ray Disc specification, though many current player models unofficially support it if they support AVCHD format. Discs can be used for long-term storage of recorded video. The sound of moving magnetic heads may be heard in the recorded video when recording in quiet environment.

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