Инструкция пму 5011

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The bus of this model was produced from 1933 to 1941 in the quanttaty of 6569 vehicles. The kit has 144 parts, including the cover (with hatches) for the ‘hole’ left by the removal of the turret. This further clarifies the ‘problems’ encountered when making the PST Ford 6 1943. On the mini-review you mention how PST have re-used certain parts from their Studebaker truck for the Ford. The kit offers the options of building US6 models U4, U7 or U8. Detail includes a separate engine, chassis, suspension, axles, drive shaft, fuel tank, winch etc. They had heavy front armour, a cast turret with walls of up to 120mm thick and a 76.2mm Zis-5 gun.

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